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Gamification and Game-Based Learning in the Language Classroom

This screenshot is from a hybrid course I developed for Fulbright Scholars who were partnering with UNM. The class was made up of language instructors from around the world, and my challenge was to convey to them why games are an excellent choice for use in the language classroom. I used a variety of delivery methods including synchronous discussion via Zoom, interactive word clouds, Kahoot quizzes, and simple game developed in Captivate. Participants said overwhelmingly that they planned to start incorporating games in their classrooms. This project required me to develop the curriculum as well as all the materials, and then deliver the synchronous sessions. While sometimes parts of a project are in the domain of the SME, this was my first time also being the SME. It truly gave me a new appreciation for the full scope of the design process.

  • Explain what gamification and game-based learning are.
  • Recall the benefits of game-based learning for language learners.
  • Describe classroom uses and appropriate integration for games in the language classroom.
  • Recall free and low-cost tools to be used in classrooms.
  • Create a simple Kahoot quiz for classroom use.

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