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Multi-Language Scavenger Hunt

Created for the UNM World Language Expo, the WLE invites middle and high school students from the Albuquerque area to come to UNM and learn about world languages and cultures. This AR game has three separate versions – Spanish, French, and German – and can be played using any Apple mobile device. Players watch short videos that give them clues in the target language describing an image. The player then needs to identify the correct image and scan it using their AR scanner which gives immediate feedback if they got the answer correct. The game is designed for new learners and covers basic vocabulary words for colors, numbers, food, family, clothing, household items, and sports.

Also built in ARIS, this app was a collaborative effort. Several students (and my husband…hazards of the trade) provided the voices for Louie in Spanish, French and German. I created the AR triggers in Vuforia and created the video overlays for feedback and set up all the triggers to work in ARIS. After all, if you’ve gone through the work of making a rigged-for-animation cartoon wolf and had intense debates with co-workers about whether or not wolves should wear lipstick you should reuse that asset whenever possible!

Identify simple shapes, household items, colors, and clothing in your target language.

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