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New International Student Campus Tour

This app was created for UNM’s incoming international students in the Center for English Language and American Culture (CELAC). The app is a student tour of UNM tailored especially for new international students’ needs. In it, they search for Lobo Louie who leaves clues as he moves around visiting nine locations on main campus. Lobo Lucy is there to guide the player through video interactions. Players can win points by being more inquisitive, “photographing” clues with their AR scanner, or by finding Louie’s belongings (he’s a very forgetful wolf!)

The complete project in the ARIS editor.

This app was developed using ARIS, which as of recently is unfortunately no longer being updated to work with the most recent version of iOS. I’ve included a screenshot of the editor here. The ARIS platform allowed me to set geographical markers for students to navigate campus using data pulled from Apple Maps. The students using the tour were provided iPad minis by CELAC to complete the tour. While this training was fun and effective, it was also a tremendous challenge because of the campus’ spotty wifi which required many trips walking across campus to fine tune location data.

  • Find the student union, bookstore, student health center, gym, and other locations on campus.
  • Describe services provided to students at these locations.

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